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Head of School Search

Members of The Colorado Springs School's Board of Trustees recognize they have the important responsibility of choosing a leader who reflects the values and needs of the entire CSS Kodiak community. They look forward to finding a Head of School (HOS) to lead a thriving CSS. Information listed below will keep our community up-to-date on the process as we move forward. Thank you for your engagement and participation!

Meet the Storbeck Group firm leading the HOS search
Get to Know the Search Committee and Updates
How can the Kodiak Community help? (Link to Storbeck survey)
How to Apply for the HOS position
Listening Sessions with Communicon Inc.
Strategic Planning process supports HOS Search

Meet the Storbeck Group firm leading the HOS search

Storbeck Search a Diversified Search Group is a leading executive search firm specializing in independent schools, colleges, universities, and education-related nonprofit organizations. Founded in 2007, their consultants have formed strong relationships with educational institutions and related nonprofit organizations nationwide. In 2020, Storbeck Search became a Diversified Search Group company. Both firms were founded by women, with the purpose of promoting increased diversity across the leadership pipeline.

The CSS Search Committee has selected Staci Williams-Seely and Anne Koellhoffer from Storbeck to conduct our search for a new Head of School. Staci, Anne, and members of the school's search committee visited our campus in September 2023 to capture the unique character and culture of CSS and understand our aspirations for the next HOS. This visit included community listening sessions and informed the creation of a comprehensive Head of School position profile to for interested candidates. View the schedule here.

If you would like to submit a nomination directly or have a question for Storbeck: email:

Get to Know the Search Committee and Updates

Meet the Search Committee:

Ben Ralston P'30, Committee Co-Chair & Trustee
Ben was a student at CSS from 1987 to 1996 and is a current 6th-grade parent. He has worked in finance, fundraising, and non-profit management for the past two decades and currently serves as the CEO of the Sachs Foundation, the oldest educational foundation in the state of Colorado. He is in his fourth year on the Board of Trustees at CSS.

Zach McComsey P'32, Committee Co-Chair & Trustee

Zach is the parent of a 4th-grade student at CSS and is in his first year on the Board of Trustees. He is the Founder and CEO of the Legacy Institute and has prior experience as a foundation executive, founder, and director of Atlas Preparatory Schools. Zach has served the community as Urban Renewal Authority Commissioner, Founding Trustee of the Colorado Springs Health Foundation, and Colorado Charter Facility Solutions board member.

Ellen Crow P'20, P'20, Interim Associate Head of School

Ellen is the Interim Associate Head of School at CSS. Before serving in this role, she taught for 23 years in primary education, both public and private settings, including six years as a Lower School teacher at CSS. She has also served as an instructional lead at the school and as the staff liaison to the CSS Board of Trustees. Ellen is also a past parent whose twin daughters graduated from CSS in 2020.

Jill Richardi P’21, P’18, Trustee

Jill has worked at the Center for Creative Leadership for the past nine years. She is a CSS alumni parent of Natalie ’18 and Whitney ’21 who were both CSS lifers. During that time, she served on the CSS Parents Association Board. Jill is a CSS Board of Trustees member coming into her sixth year as the current secretary on the Executive Committee.

Nate Johnson P'37, CSS Science & PE Teacher

Nate is currently a Middle School and Upper School teacher and PK2 parent. He has worked in public and private education for 17 years, coached 10-plus years of middle school and high school sports, designed and led seminars, and was a 2023 CSS Walkabout leader. His passion for the students and the culture at CSS led him to the HOS search committee.

How can the Kodiak Community help? (Link to Storbeck survey)

Whether you participated in the conversations on Sept. 11-12 and/or missed the opportunity, our Storbeck Search partners, Staci-Williams-Seeley and Anne Koellhoffer continue to welcome your feedback:

Please click here to take a brief online survey.

Your insights are highly valuable to the process. Thank you for taking the time to help guide the search.

How to Apply for the HOS position

The Colorado Springs School (CSS) invites applications and nominations as it seeks an outgoing, energetic, and experienced leader to serve as its next Head of School.

Read the full position profile: click here

Learn how to apply: click here

Listening Sessions with Communicon Inc.

Communicon Inc. of Colorado Springs conducted listening sessions with the Kodiak community to seek input to identify operational priorities, key issues for board consideration, and to effectively prepare for the HOS Search. Voluntary listening sessions were conducted with staff and faculty, current CSS parents, alumni, and students. Thank you to all who participated! CSS Leadership is committed to using the data to help CSS move forward. Read the results:

Download the Executive Summary [submitted 9/24/2023] click here

Strategic Planning process supports HOS Search

We thank you for your input from the Communicon Listening Sessions. CSS will continue to use that data to support the next steps toward developing our new Strategic Plan. Our goal at CSS is to provide a Strategic Plan for our new HOS built on the feedback from our community stakeholders.

Next, CSS is proud to partner with Manya Whitaker of BluePrint Educational Strategies to develop the Strategic Plan. BluePrint is facilitating this next process and has completed the following listening sessions:

Faculty & staff:
Friday, September 8, from 3:30-5 p.m.
Parents & families:
Tuesday, September 26, from 4:30-6 p.m.

Updates will be posted here.